Big Personality

Do You Have a Big Personality?

We all live in a place where people are always judging others. Have you ever been judged because you have a big personality? If yes, remember, you don’t have to be anyone else than who you are. You don’t owe people to be someone different.

Here are some signs that you might have a big personality:

  • You Speak Your Mind

You are kind and loving but you have a sharp tongue. You are someone that hates to be around lies and you always want the truth to be told rather its good or bad.

You would rather the truth break your heart than to have someone that you care about to lie to you. People don’t always agree with you and that is why you have a hard time getting along with people sometimes.

  • You Solve Problems

You do your own things because you know what your destiny is. Everything that comes in your life is something that you have acted on. You don’t waste your time when challenges come but you find a way to solve them.

  • Wise and Understanding

Even though you aren’t old, you have an old way of thinking. You know things and you think differently than other people. You don’t have a brain that works like everyone else’s brain works and you are wise beyond your years. Some people think you are arrogant.

  • You Hate Ignorance

You have a strong personality, and you are open minded, but you have a hard time dealing with people that are immature or that are saying things that you find dumb. You can’t deal with people that are judgmental or people that aren’t able to see past their own noses.

  • Love of Learning

You have a love of learning new things. You will do whatever you can to learn new things and to experience things that are fun and new. You look for fresh ideas and you let your soul get full of all the knowledge you can pick up.

  • Talking Big

Instead of engaging in small talk that you find pointless, you talk to people that can give you new perspectives and new ideas. You seek people out that have strong energies and that can help you to find new goals and new ideas to reach.

You spend your life doing things that make you stronger and help you to move forward. You don’t have time to spend your time around people that have no real meaning in life or no real ideas.

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