Carl Jung

Understanding Carl Jung

There are different ideas that people have dwelt on to understand the psychology of people. This has included things like tarot card readings, self-development, astrology, and other things. There are questions that are particularly asked with Jungian psychology that helps you to understand the psyche and the conscious and unconscious parts of your personality.

Carl Jung

He was born in 1842 and was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He would look into the different things going on life and his mentor was Sigmund Freud. His theories were a way that people would look into the unconscious such as the personal and collective. The personal would develop form your interactions and experiences and the collective would be your mind and how it connected to history and thoughts.

Archetypes and Tarot

One of the most known things that was looked at over time was the archetypes that have certain images and characteristics that show a specific role that people in the world identify with.

A tarot card reading can look at the unconscious of these people and can find a card that works and offers a symbolic answer of their personality and life patterns. The system of Jung was where psychological archetypes came from.

Archetypes in Media

There are different archetypes that can be seen by different symbols in culture. They can show how people express themselves in how they dress, the choices that they make and how they talk. One thing that is often seen is the ones that are in media and are popular to populations. One example would be soccer mom which shows a woman and the needs she has where her children play soccer. People will often market to gain this person and get them to buy products.

Another archetype would be rock star. This would be someone that has a lot of energy and loves music. These things help people to understand cultures and how people act.

Jungian archetypes are more rigid, and these are ones that were created to show the personality and the journeys of others. They help people to understand and give motivations to the struggles that they are faced with. Here are the 12 Jungian archetypes:

  • Ego: Innocent, Everyman, Hero, and Caregiver.
  • Soul: Explorer, Rebel, Lover, Creator.
  • Self: Jester, Sage, Magician or Ruler.

The different types are expressed, and they are popular in how we see others and what kinds of values and characteristics people have. Here are some of the archetypes and how they help you to see your type:

Archetypes and Zodiac

This is the different zodiacs and the characteristics that go with it. Each of the 12 zodiacs are referred to as archetypes and they all have their own symbols. Each of these are used to understand the placement of the sun and to know the location of the planets. The archetypes and the placement with the natal chart is important to determine the patterns that the zodiacs will have.

The zodiac and the Jungian archetypes are used to understand the personality types and to give clues based on motivation and characteristics.

Here are the cardinal orientations and what the archetypes stand for:

  • Ego: When you want to leave a mark on the world.
  • Order: To give structure.
  • Social: To connect with others.
  • Freedom: Wants to live in paradise.

Knowing your orientation and archetype can help you to figure out what patterns and behaviors that you have. It can make you more helpful with interacting with others.

Four Archetypes

There are different Jungian Archetypes that are the four main types. These are how you can read into the future:

  • Persona: How we see ourselves in society.
  • Shadow: The repressed parts of the personality.
  • Animals: culture and how you fit into the world.
  • Self: Common understanding of the conscious and unconsciousness.

Numerology Archetypes

Jung found that numbers are important in the mind, and they can help you to understand your life and your dreams. The numbers help you to develop and your life path numbers are either single or double digits and can be calculated by your birthday.

Like astrology, your number can be unique. It can influence how you make decisions. By studying your personality, you might see how compatible with your life path numbers your personality is.

Working with Archetypes

You can find people that need to do inner workings, and this can be someone that will explore who they are by using their archetypes. This allows them to be more introspective and to help them to focus on who they are and what parts of their personality is strong. This can be dreams, visions and values that people have.

Shadow work can help someone look into their personality and they can help to understand their spiritual self. Lightworkers can help you to do this and you can find out what kind of positive qualities that you have by making a list. Write down your positive qualities and make a list of qualities that are opposite. This represents your shadow self. There are other things that you will dislike about yourself, and this is how you recognize that you have work that needs to be done. You can talk to a psychic to help you.


Spiritual psychics will get clients that feel that they are out of control and things don’t make sense to them. This can happen because they are not aware of what is going on inside. There is no nothing outside of you that can control your mind and you have to learn to accept yourself and to care about what you are feeling. You are the only one that will make you happy.

Messages that you get that try to tell you that you can’t be whole are wrong. You have to learn how to understand yourself and to bring peace to you so that you can grow and have peace. There are spirits, angels and more that will cause you to get out of control.

The power is part of your experiences in your life. This is a journey in your spiritual self that is powerful and that will help you to discover who you are. The archetypes can give you power and can help you to do work on the inside. It can allow you to be more compassionate and to open up your energies.

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