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Align with Your Inner Self

Life is overwhelming sometimes and the best thing that you can do in stress is to be your true self. As you align with your inner self, you can have peace. Doing this helps because the thoughts and actions that you take outside of yourself will cause you more stress and when you aren’t in alignment with your inner self you aren’t being who you are meant to be, and this can make you feel bad.

There are things that you can do to align with your inner self and as you do that you will see that life can be good.

Aligning with Your Inner Self

Aligning with your inner self means that you do what is true for you. It means that when you have people talking about you, you are able to defend yourself. People don’t really know you fully and you’re the only one that knows what is going on in your heart. If you think that you aren’t a good person then your inner being isn’t aligned. Instead, you should say that you have made a mistake because you’re human, but that mistake doesn’t define who you are.

You will have a much easier time coming back to your inner self when you’re aligned with who you are. This also helps you to be kinder and more compassionate to others. When you feel bad, and your thoughts don’t serve you then you aren’t who you are meant to be.

Why Align Your Inner Self?

It is important that you are real to yourself, and you don’t hide your feelings. Doing this can cause you to deny yourself and this can take away your energy. You have to be able to say what is true for yourself and not to follow others rules but to live by your own rules. There isn’t anything wrong with you and your inner being will prove this to you if you’re open to it.

You should never live your life based on what others feel or think. Ignoring your emotions and your hurt will cause you to be depressed and miserable. You will spend all of your time trying to please other people and not live your real life.

Staying True to Your Inner Self

As peer pressure and other pressure cause you to lose who you really are, you need to stay true to your inner self. Here is how you can do that!

  • Have Alone Time

Spend some time alone with yourself. Disconnect from media and from people, especially when you don’t feel grounded. Some people will spend their whole lives living a busy life and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take time to let your mind relax and reflect on what is going on inside of you without the distraction around you. Take at least half an hour to put your phone down and to spend time in silence. You can meditate or go out in nature and listen to the birds and sit by a tree.

You will be excited to see what doing this can do for your mind, body, and soul.

  • Let Your Emotions Go

You should not have to hide your emotions or what you’re feeling. Be aware of what is going on inside of you. Ignoring your emotions will cause your energy to be negative. This is often why people get sick because they spend too much time hiding their emotions.

One way that you can let your emotions go is to find a quiet place to sit and then as your emotions come to the surface, embrace them. If you’re stressed, instead of hiding it or pushing it out of your mind, let it come forward. Notice it and release it. As it comes into your mind and body, let it go.

You can also let go of your emotions by meditating, going into nature, journaling, or doing yoga.

  • Understand the Feelings

Understand your feelings and why you are having them. If you’re having a good emotion, know where it comes from and why. Then let it go. A good feeling can come from your inner self, and you need to embrace those as well.

When you have a bad thought, say “Is this a cold thought?” and then figure out how to let it go. Find out why it makes you feel bad and know what feelings are true.

Doing this will keep you aligned with your inner self. Allow your intuition to guide you and inspire your actions. If you are someone that has to do things that they don’t want to do at work or in your social life, do those things but then find things to do that make you feel good as well.

  • Focus on Your Intentions

Know what is in your conscious mind and focus on it. Figure out what you spend most of your time focusing on in your day. Focus on both the good and bad feelings but don’t let them hang out for a long time.

You need to stop focusing on negative and sad things like things in the media or negative things that people say to you but instead focus on things that really matter. See good in the world and focus on joy and peace. Doing this can allow you to grow.

Look at your inner self and focus on what brings you happiness and makes you laugh and smile.

  • Ask Questions

Some people have beliefs that they have just accepted, and they don’t even know why. These are beliefs that might have been shared by parents or grandparents. Instead of focusing on these beliefs, ask yourself why you believe these things.

Science proves that your beliefs are there to dictate what you see as true, but you don’t have to believe in the things that were just told to you. Most likely the things that you believed you picked up from a young age. These were given to you as truths with no questions asked.

True things feel good but false things don’t. You need to figure out what you believe and why. The truth that you believe in isn’t always a real truth and you might just see things a certain way and they might not be true at all. Does what you believe align with your higher self? Does it make you feel good? Do these truths serve you? You don’t just want to go along with things and just because things are physical doesn’t mean that they are true.

Check with yourself on the things that you’ve been told and find out what truths actually serve you and which ones don’t.

  • Be in the Moment

Stop going into the past and living there. This can cause you to feel bad and to feel guilty about things that have happened before. You might have regret from your past and you might have a hard time moving on into the present because of it.

The truth is that you are living here, right now. You can have peace and love and you can know that good things can happen in your life. Don’t let fear and anxiety from your past hold you back.

Final Thoughts

Meditate and sit quietly and see all the good things in your life. When you eat, enjoy each bite, and feel the goodness as you swallow and chew your food. When you’re with people that you love, care for them, forgive them. When outside, listen and smell nature, see how it makes you feel. Hold your pets tight and let them make you feel good.

See things through love and through compassion and care. You will find your real self when you do.

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