Learn to Love Who You Are

Learn to Love Who You Are

You have to know how to love yourself and this is not impossible for you. Maybe you have something in your life and someone in your life that uses you and it makes you feel that you have no friends and causes you to hate yourself more than you do. You might have fake friends and someone that is your partner that is selfish.

Maybe you have a past, and you were hated in school and you feel that you are no good and that you are not someone worthy of love.

You may have liked someone that was popular, and you had them not want to date you or even worse they pretended to like you just to make fun of you. This could leave you feeling like no one would ever want you.

Chances are you learned to cope with life by lying about who you were or to figuring out creative ways to feel less shameful. You might even ask people to do things to make you feel like you are accepted or use others to make you feel like you are enough when you really just feel alone.

Lacking Self-Respect

As long as you have no respect for yourself, you cannot expect others to respect you. You might feel that not respecting yourself is just giving of yourself but if you cannot find love for yourself, it will be hard for others to love you.

Getting love from someone else when you don’t love yourself will not help you. You will never feel good enough and you will never get the attention from people that you want to show you attention.

Knowing How to Love Yourself Isn’t Easy

Self-love is way more than just sticking up for yourself, but it is a time where you show value in what you are and just being a human being.

You learn to get confident in what you do, and you start setting boundaries and understanding that you are not worthless.

Chances are you have felt these things before:

  • Worthless
  • Rejected
  • Tricked
  • Disrespected
  • Underappreciated
  • Used

You might even find that you have a hard time being in relationships because you feel that you always have to please everyone else. You might not be able to find love because you don’t have love and respect for yourself.

You deserve to have love and you deserve to love who you are and respect yourself.

Stop thinking and caring about what other people think about you and learn to think about yourself. Learn to love who you are.

If you have been in a bad relationship and they cheated on you or mistreated you, you have to get past that. You have to learn to say no to people that are using you and stop trying to please them.

You need to love yourself no matter what that looks like.

Chances are that you will end up hating yourself more if you don’t learn to get your life back into control and be in the right direction. You are taking away your own life and you are not allowing yourself to live. You have to stop taking away your destiny and learn to not let your past haunt you.

Fear is something that you allow others to have and when you are not showing yourself love because of someone else, you will keep letting them take your life from you.

Stop being afraid and stop letting abandonment issues and issues of your past make you who you are.

You are not a victim and you have to learn to rescue yourself. Do not expect others to rescue you and to make you feel good about who you are.

You need to change who you are and learn to treat yourself better or at least equal to how you treat others. Learn to change your life and use your fear to make you better instead of keeping you held back.

Imagine that you are someone that you love and accept in your life. Learn to save yourself and intervene in your life to take away your fear and fill your life with love and joy.

Each time you think negatively about yourself or you blame yourself for something that happens, realize how hurtful this would be if you were doing it to someone else. You would never do this to someone else and you would stick up for someone that was being bullied. Stop bullying yourself and learn to love yourself.

The more you love who you are, the more others will be attracted to you and learn to love you. You will see that they need you and want you in their life. You will see that your shame is replaced with love and hope and that you are no longer suffering to who you are.

Learn to let yourself matter as much as you let others in your life matter.

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