How to refrain from depression after a break-up

How to refrain from depression after a break-up

One of the most devastating moments in life is when a break-up occurs. It’s just the same situation as losing a loved one. Pain and grief always dominate your life after that shocking moment. There is that feeling of emptiness; your whole world has fallen apart.  You may find it hard concentrating and even being motivated. You will start missing your partner and the activities you used to do together.


The same areas of the brain can be activated by the rejection encountered in breakups, this is what brain research has shown. Women tend to suffer cardiac pain and shortness of breath during a break-up. This pain can be too much such that it causes both physiological and emotional pain.

It is hard to recover from depression. During this process one might have health problems or even suffer from low immune system response. You have to take good care of yourself as you go through the healing process.

The tips below might be able to be of help:

  • Let your feelings be seen and express yourself

How to refrain from depression after a break-up

Always share your feelings with the people you trust, especially family and friends that is the best way to deal with depression. Research indicates that sharing your problems with people gives you relief and you won’t feel the burden anymore.

  • You should have enough mourning time.

Do not rush into feeling well while it clearly shows you’re still hurt. Acknowledge the fact that you feel the pain. Individuals who don’t accept the fact that they are not okay usually get involved in rebound relationships before making peace with their past. This often makes them not accept their new partner for who they are but rather start projecting their anger and grief onto that individual.

Despite the fact that the healing process might be painful, just give yourself time to overcome it all. Break-up is definitely a loss and the only way to come out of it strongly is to mourn.

  • Decide and have a talk with your ex

By having a discussion with your ex you’ll be able to understand better why you two broke up. Nevertheless, both of you might not be willing to do this. Therefore you’ll only be able to move on if you decide to express your feelings through an imaginary conversation.

  • Sleep

Although this is the best way to deal with devastation and refrain from depression, emotional distress can be a hindrance to it. You may find it hard to sleep due to the pain you might experience during the day. The only way you can help yourself is by having a sleeping schedule, regularly exercising and creating a relaxing bed routine.

  • Exercise

Exercising can help you overcome stress,

It is normal to feel when a relationship comes to an end. Always embrace the pain and feel it regardless of how bad you might feel. If this is hard for you, you can engage a counselor to help you.

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