Listening to Your Inner Child

Listening to Your Inner Child

Are you someone that has tried over and over to move forward, and you seem to keep getting stuck? Have you ever wondered why you keep messing things up for yourself? Are you someone that is depressed and anxious all the time and you don’t understand why?

We all have an inner child and if your inner child has been wounded, it is pain that you might have tried to ignore but this pain will not go away. This is one reason why we often make choices that are not good and why we respond to things in our lives the way that we do.

Maybe you have worked for your whole life, and you feel that you always end up worse than you were. Maybe you believe that you are doing good but then you end up failing.

There are ways that you can heal your inner child and here are some ways to do that:

Say I Love You

One thing that you need to do is to tell your inner child that you love it. This might have been something that you never experienced as a child and maybe you had people that told you not to express your emotions.

You are lovable and you can be the best that you can be. Saying you love your inner child will help to bring healing.


Learn to hear what your inner child is trying to tell you. Stop listening to negative things that other people have told you and let these feelings go away.

Take an effort to heal and to hear good things and to tell your inner child good things. Do not any longer hide the pain that you feel but allow yourself to have the feelings and to make them okay.

You Didn’t Deserve What happened

As children, we often feel that we deserved whatever happened to us. Just because you were unable to think for yourself at that time doesn’t mean that you were treated right.

If you were mistreated, you didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Children are innocent and pure, and you should have never been put down, neglected, abandoned, or mistreated.

Say Sorry

Learn to tell yourself sorry for what happened to you. Tell your inner child that you are sorry for being too hard or to criticizing yourself so much. Tell your inner child that you are sorry for pushing too hard and for not giving yourself a break.


One of the best ways to get rid of your shame and regret is to forgive yourself and others. Learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have made. Learn to deal with the feelings that you have because of this and learn to move forward.

Realize that things that happened to you as a child were not your fault and forgive yourself and others for thinking that.

Say Thank You

Tell your inner child thank you for never leaving you or giving up on you. Thank your inner child for being strong.

Thank your inner child for keeping you safe and for hiding memories that were too painful for you.

Your Best

As a child, you did the best that you could do. You took care of things that you could take care of, and you did your very best.

Tell your inner child that you did a good job, and you did the best that you could do. Be kind to yourself and be positive when you talk to your inner child.

Once you learn to talk to your inner child and you become more positive, you can begin to heal. This will bring you peace and joy and will help you to be more confident in your life.

Learn to accept what happened and to move on from it.

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