The Cosmos and the Power of the Tarot

The Cosmos and the Power of the Tarot

According to ancient legends, Gypsies brought the Tarot out of Egypt. Tarot was first invented in the 15th century by a group of philosophers who didn’t speak the same language. They used symbols and pictures to express their philosophies in a deeper universal language because symbols can communicate thoughts as well as emotions!

In my own opinion, Tarot is the most ingenious invention of all time. The Tarot uses symbols to draw on the same power that our dreams use to connect to the eternal within the aggregate unconsciousness of our infinite beings, that component of us that never leaves the spiritual realm and lives infinitely as refined and pure psychic energy. This component of our deep eternal being is the essence from which we are extrapolated into multi-dimensional space as human impressions of that purely spiritual being.

The Cosmos and the Power of the TarotHuman beings are the fearless co-authors of life on earth, a binary continuum that looks for the opposite of the completely spiritual, and purely physical, dimensions. As human beings, we’re like vacation spots for eternal spirits eager for a moment as a physical being in a world of history, space and time—a single-act play of sorrow, sickness, loneliness, loss, pain, struggle, and death. Eternal, fresh and enlightened spirits choose to become us in order to experience challenge, uniqueness, and change. Purely spiritual beings have to do this to comprehend the exquisite joys and endless and varied beauties and pleasures of immortal life, by spending a few decades on this tiny earthly dust speck as it whirls and spins through our endless cosmos!

Each human being is apparently just one lonely, single being, one of seven and a half billion on earth, a lone spark in the eternal darkness of the cosmos as they shoot through infinite space! The Star Tarot Card represents the universal mind. Each one of us is an essential component of that universal mind. In fact, the galactic threads and clusters out in the heavens make the exact same branch patterns as our own brains’ neurons and synapses! Our own true infinite beings are a symbolic reflection of the vast physical cosmos, an endless Poetic and Universal Mind of the Cosmos.

Human beings are limited mortals. We are egocentric, moment-centered beings. We’re always at the mercy of immense forces beyond our comprehension or control. Allowing our souls to experience this proves their trust in the grandiose perfection that is always present to us, even here in this slow, thick, nether world of physical beings, as the glories of nature and love and the precision clockwork of the stars, galaxies, planets—especially our beloved planet Earth and all its life! Even on the darkest nights, we can gaze upon the profound mysteries of the Stars and the Moon!

What a humble and great honor to be a spirit encased in a fragile world of water and flesh, walking through an ever-expanding and ever-transforming wonderland! Use the dream-time power of the awe-inspiring Tarot to connect to your own highest self!

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