Falling Apart in Your Life

When Things are Falling Apart in Your Life

Everyone has to get to the point where they learn to trust themselves. Have you ever wondered what you were doing in your life or why you ended up the place you were? Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right things in your life?

If you feel lost, then life can be full of disappointments and this can cause you a lot of stress. You might wonder what you are doing and what your purpose in life is. Maybe you lack confidence and maybe you wonder what you should do or where you should go.

Even if you have not figured everything out in your life, you don’t have to. The point of living is that you are able to figure things out. You learn that life is full of pain, heartache and hurt but at the same time, you learn that there can be peace, love, and healing. These things all come and go and that is part of life.

When you find that your life is full of darkness and you are not sure of your purpose, know that the universe has a plan for you.

Learn that things go wrong because that is what life is about. Maybe you aren’t in the perfect relationship and maybe this makes you feel that you are unhappy and missing out on good things.

Maybe you are in a relationship where you are not going anywhere, and you are being hard on yourself because of your lack of ambition and the lack of stages you have reached.

If you are in your middle twenties or older and you feel empty and you have a lame career, or if you are lonely and single, chances are that you are not able to make sense of the world.

Maybe you feel that you are dreaming of your perfect lover and you go out with your friends and see them setting goals, but you feel that you are only in their footprints.

Each opportunity that you have been given, maybe you let them go and you choose not to pursue them. This could have caused you to be disappointed, but the truth is, you hadn’t found your passion.

Many people you meet will have known what they wanted to do in life from the very beginning and then there is you, who has no idea what to do and what purpose you have. Why do you not know where life is taking you or what you want?

Early Life

People that are successful are normally only successful later in life. Even if they know what they want in life, chances are they do not reach their goals until later in life. Some people have even had passion and lost it only to find it later.

Doing More

Being successful means that you are reaching your goals. It can also mean you are successfully reaching the places that you want to go, and you are excited about where you are going.

You realize that you had goals and you changed all over the course of your life. Maybe you found that you want to return to where you were before, but we all know you cannot go back.

You will always become something different and you will have wisdom and you will learn to change who you are and to find new experiences that you have never had.

You are probably your biggest critic and even though this keeps you accountable and on top of things, you have to learn to let go of the past and to move forward. When you let go of things, you will see that you can find a new purpose and you can reach your goals.

Explore your talents and go outside of your comfort zone. Learn to let go of things and do things that are hard, go places you have never been before.

Look at the opportunities that you have missed, some that are drowned with disappointment and see that this was for a purpose. Maybe you had a purpose and you didn’t accomplish it, but it changed you and made you stronger.

What if you were going to get married only to find out that the relationship would have been a disaster? What if you were going to change jobs and the business closed down prematurely? Maybe these things happened without you so that you would not feel the pain of having to change again and again or losing your focus.

Each opportunity that you have is meant for growth. You will experience different things and when you see that things feel that they are falling apart, you will see that things might actually be coming back together.

When you want to be more open with life, you will see that you are on a journey that is leading you to your destination. You will see that you are meant to be happy and to work towards your ultimate journey.

Good Things

Take time each day to speak positivity into the universe. Name three things in your life that give you happiness and joy. Allow your mood to get stronger and your happiness to flow.

Exercise and Be Healthy

When you want to have a better life, learn to be healthier. Exercise and move and be healthy. Eat healthy foods and learn to better yourself.

Work out and work on your self-confidence so that you can be completely healthy.


Life is a journey and you need to write about it. Write down what you want, the goals you are setting in your life and things that have happened in your past.

A journal can help you to move forward and can help you to be able to get rid of pain in your life. One of the best things that can happen to you is that you will be able to see how far you have come in your life.

Your life is just the beginning. You will see that you can survive things and you will be proud of what you have accomplished. Believe in who you are and be excited with new things that come in your life.

When you think that you have this all figured out, know that your journey will lead you to better things.


When things to be falling apart, do not allow this to get you down. Know that the universe is there to help you bring your life together. Try new things and set your sights on better places.

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