Finding motivation when you are exhausted and don’t feel like it

Finding motivation when you are exhausted and don’t feel like it

We always feel overwhelmed so much these days. It can be hard to get things done once overwhelmed.

However, finding motivation shouldn’t be a hard process but just an easy understanding of what motivation is.

After understanding all that, all you are looking for is a strong reason why you must do something. Find motivation is not hard, follow these easy steps to get back on track.

Locating your “Why”

This the main objective of you doing what you are doing. Why do you need to be successful? Why must you build that relationship you dream of?

Put down your goals

Those who have things that they want to achieve do not experience feelings of exhaustion. Exhaustion is a short term emotion. If you have goals that you want to achieve in the long run, nothing will derail you.  Put down your long term goals. Make them meaningful and write under each goal “WHY I MUST ACHIEVE THIS GOAL”.

Get into a powerful state

For you to accomplish set goals, you must train your body and mind to be in a powerful state. This is taught through a process known as “incantations” using music and dancing plays a big part when it comes to getting into your powerful state and it definitely makes a huge difference in your emotional state, happiness and therefore leads to a much higher level of productivity.

Do away with everything that’s derailing you

Drinking, drugs, poor dieting and negative people don’t bring about motivation.  Do away with negative killers if you want long-term motivation, feel more alive and less stressed. After some time, you’ll start feeling better.

Exercise… More

This the first thing you should do when you’re feeling stressed or exhausted. Almost everyone knows the science behind this and don’t live it. You can eliminate stress with every day of exercise.


There is a huge connection between success and education. This is because meditation clears the mind of stress and feelings of exhaustion. If you do every day, your whole life will change on both levels of success and results, and peace and happiness.

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