Use Spirituality to Discover your Dream Job

Use Spirituality to Discover your Dream Job

Have you recently found yourself dreading going to work?  Do you feel like the paycheck isn’t always worth the hassle?  Life might be sending you signs that you aren’t using your career talents properly, it up to you to receive them and listen to the lessons.  Our Inner Voice is always guiding us to use our gifts for the betterment of ourselves and society.  By tapping into your spiritual path, you can help better process these signs and fast track your way back to career satisfaction.

Religion and spirituality are ways we can help quiet the cluttered voices in our heads and reconnect with the Divine.  First, try to listen and sort out the various sensations you are experiencing internally.  Identify what is positive for you and what is draining.  Work to actively release the feelings of fear, anxiety, frustrations and shame.  These will only serve to delay your opportunities for self-growth.  Use the positive affirmations to help you see possibilities.  Bolster those feelings to help you create meaningful steps forward towards the next chapter of your life.

To better tap into your spiritual essence, create the time and space to disconnect from the world around you and plug into your core being.  By regularly incorporating meditative practices you can boost your intuition and create a more meaningful dialogue with your Inner Voice.  These mindful practices allow you to live in the moment rather than being paralyzed by regrets from the past or anxieties around the unknown future.  As a result, you can create more inner trust and respond better to signs or insights from the Universe.

It only takes a commitment to meditate a few minutes to see profound results.  When you are able to direct your attention to produce deep, diaphragmic breaths you are able to heal yourself at a cellular level.  You might also choose to engage in nature therapy by taking a short walk outdoors.  By experiencing the sights and sounds of nature more fully, you can create vital open space in your brain which can help you to better process your insights on career direction.  Message to help you gain more clarity on steps you must take to attain your dream job can come from an array of place.  Below, we have listed six ways you can increase your receptivity to these signs and how you can convert them into meaningful strides forward on your journey to corporate satisfaction.

  1. Be Accountable for your Actions

Look back at your past and find ways to make peace with your previous decisions.  Find power in atoning for each stage and identify crucial lessons you needed to acquire.  Try to look at your past nonjudgmentally, and if necessary, allow yourself to forgive key players.  By looking at your past objectively you can release negativity surrounding your decisions and give you the strength to trust your gut and embrace the unknown.

  1. Face Issues Head-on

Nothing is and will ever be perfect or predictable.  Look at an issue not as a burden, but an opportunity for growth.  Identify lessons each issue has been sent to teach you and embrace the process.

  1. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Be grateful for as much as you can in your life.  Even the most minute facet happens for a reason and can help you on your journey to fulfillment.  When you radically embrace love, it can spiderweb throughout your body to your dearest loved ones to your broader community, until it can help to benefit the whole universe.  Love, truly does beget more love.

  1. Embrace Community

No one is an island.  Like Mr. Rogers said “Look for the Helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”  Everyone struggles and often people feel comfort when they can voice their concerns and or discover opportunities to ‘pay it forward.’  Be willing to share your journey on attaining your dream job or have you can monetize your passion project with others.  By being vulnerable about your feelings, and being willing to listen to others you can network at deeply spiritual level.  This can garner you some valuable insight and maybe even a few job leads.

  1. Journal

Write down the ideas and thoughts that pop into your mind throughout the day.  This is especially powerful when insight occur during your meditative practices.  If you need more direction, asking yourself key questions during your quiet time and record what you receive back intuitively from your Inner Wisdom.  You can also learn a lot your subconscious desires and drive by journaling messages from your dreams.  Leave your journal by your bedside so you can jot down any and all memories as soon as you wake up.

  1. Trust Yourself

Although it can seem tough to do, trust the messages you are receiving from deep within your essence.  Be bold to take action that you instinctively feel is right.  Try to avoid overthinking so you don’t feel your inner saboteurs.  By honing your spiritual path, you can gain vital clarity on the purpose for this lifetime.  This can help you identify changes you should make in your career to best promote spiritual growth.  Life can seem hard at times, but ultimately our goal should be personal and societal fulfillment.  If you intuitively know something is preventing you from growing and enjoying your days then asking probing questions, listen to the answers and take immediate action steps to move forward.  When you embrace being more committed to your spirituality you can use the insights gain during the quiet moments to learn what job is most suited for your life’s purpose.

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