How to Be Yourself

How to Be Yourself

We have all been on dates where we have a great time, talk about things that are important, maybe he walks you to your car and gives you a good night kiss. Then the next day, you tell your friends all about your date and all of a sudden, you never hear from him again.

When this happens, it can leave you feeling upset and confused. The thing is, this happens to the best of us and you have to learn how to just keep being yourself. But how can you be yourself when people you date seem to just drop you and make you feel insecure because of who you are?


When you are confused and upset that your date did not work out, this could be because he might be the one that is insecure. Maybe he is afraid to call you or maybe he feels that he is not good enough for you.

You go back and you think about everything that happened on the date and analyze the date to see what happened and why the outcome came out like it did. Maybe you interpret the date and you can come up with nothing and stay confused thinking about it.

Be Confused in Love

Analyzing what went wrong and keeping this on the top of your mind will keep you being more confused in love. The problem with this is that it can cause you to feel unattractive and ugly and that you are not worthy of going out with anyone.

Maybe you forget what is best for you and you feel that you need to invite this person back out because you are powerful. Then you think that you are making a bad choice because if he really liked you, he would have called you instead of you calling him.

When you are confused about what love is, it causes you to feel anxious and to not have the self-esteem that you need to have. You have to learn to expect things to go wrong in dating and not expect to meet the perfect person on the first try.

Learn to enjoy the dating scene and even if things go wrong, put yourself out there. You will attract the right person in your life.

Giving Up

People might always ask you why you are single and even though this is a compliment, maybe you take it as a jab because you wonder what is wrong with you and why you cannot get past a first date. There are many women that feel the same way as this and the truth is, most of these women are confused in love.

If you are losing hope, do not. Never spend the night alone crying yourself to sleep at night because you are single but learn to change your thoughts and your beliefs and to be happy with the life you are in right now.

True Self

Men seem to fall in love when women are strong, and they show who they really are. Learn to enjoy dating and learn to be easier to get along with. If you are feeling secure in your dating life, chances are you will attract people that enjoy this about you.

Learn to accept your relationships and to be able to show up on a date as yourself. Let your date fall in love with who you are and do not hide who and what you believe. Even let your flaws show because everyone has them.

Make your dating place a safe place for you and your partner to talk and get to know each other. Remember, relationships should be fun and enjoyable and not confusing and aggravating.

Never give up in trying to find the right person. Keep your head up high at all times and never feel less confident no matter what happens. You can go out on date after date and as long as you are brave and confident, you are winning.

Unless your partner is very confident, chances are he feels the same way that you do, and he just wants to make a connection with an honest person.

Giving Up

We all get to the point where we decide to give up on dating and we feel hopeless in finding love. We go out on a bunch of dates and yet we feel that we are never going to find love or happiness. Maybe going out makes you feel sick, just thinking about it.

If you have a desire for love, though, you have to learn to go after it. We all want to be loved and attached to someone and being romantic is a good thing. This allows us to connect with other people and to find natural and true love.

Being confused in love does not help and it can cause a lot of stress in your life.

Getting What You Want

There are ways that you can stop being confused about love and you can learn to be more confident in yourself. Stop overanalyzing love and learn how to feel better about yourself and see dating as exciting and fun.

Learn to figure out what kind of partner that you are looking for and learn to be more comfortable with yourself and with people that you are dating.

You can be strong in your emotions and you can learn to live beyond the moment. Being confident can give you the power to meet the right person.

Smart Decisions

When you have feelings, you will often overreact and have a hard time trusting others. Having trust is something that we all have to work on, and you have to be aware of the feelings that you are having.

Maybe you have avoided dating because it was hard in the past and it made your life uncomfortable. Maybe you felt that you needed to work more on yourself before you stepped out in the dating world.

Learning how to accept yourself and your feelings is something that you have to reach in order to be able to date and have fulfilling relationships. You have to learn to relax and to be happy instead of always trying to prove to the world or the guy you are dating that you are worthy.

Be worthy in yourself and allow your love and your confusion to be on the back burner. Be who you are and enjoy your life.


When you spend a lot of time worrying and being emotional about dating, it can take away all of the fun of dating. Learn to control your emotions and to connect with people on an emotional basis. When there is a good connection, the date can go well, and you can learn to relax and be more confident.

When you avoid dating, it can make it harder to be confident and trying to experience new things. You do not have to prove to anyone that you are worthy of love.

Have fun dating and stop analyzing your relationships. Learn to be excited and expect there to be ups and downs in the dating world. Sometimes life is like a roller coaster, but it can also be fun and relaxing.

By keeping a check on your feelings, you can react more with your mind rather than your emotions. Learn to be mindful of what you are talking about and about how you are feeling. Learn to have more joy and to think clearly when you go on dates.


Stop limiting what you believe and get past your past and your past feelings. Do not be afraid to date again because you have gone through bad dating experiences or relationships. Learn to stop worrying about meeting the right one and just have fun.

Once you realize that you are limiting yourself because of your beliefs, you can have a more balanced view and you can learn to be more independent in your life.

Work on having a balanced view and to bond with your partner. Learn to be on a level where you can get personal but that you do not have to be in a relationship to have peace and happiness.

Go out on dates with different people and allow yourself to look into the dating world as something fun and exciting. Work on who you are for when you meet the perfect person.


One skill that we all must learn to get is relaxation. Learn how to relax instead of always trying to improve yourself. Learn to enjoy life and to have fun.

When you can do this, you will see that you can be more successful in your relationships and you can learn to not let your feelings take over your life.

Practice this and one way to work on this is by writing things down in your journal. Write down what you believe and what you feel and when you go on a date, write down how the date made you feel. Figure out the person you are dating and if they are what you are looking for. This can help to empower you in your life.

Real Love

If you want to have real love and a deeper connection with someone, you have to remember that you have to be vulnerable. You have to learn to be who you are and not to be superficial but to be real.

Learn to invest in real love and when you do this, you can choose a partner that you want to connect with and one that is on the same emotional level as you are. This can turn into a long-term relationship where you can deal with both the positive and the negative aspects of it and when there are disagreements, it will only bring you closer.

Feelings Don’t Feel Good

Having trauma from your past needs to be treated before you will ever be mindful of your emotions. Trauma can trigger reactions that you are not used to showing up.

You must learn to work on these things, and you can do that by getting therapy or counseling.

Feeling Techniques

When you want to start healing, you have to learn to let your feelings be felt. Do not hide them or wonder how you can change who you are but learn to embrace your feelings. Allow your feelings to be there and let your partner show you true love by accepting you for who you are.

Your feelings need to be figured out and you need to figure out which feelings are real and which ones aren’t.


When you know what feelings you have, learn to communicate with your partner about your feelings and what you have been through. Explain to them why you act the way that you do and what makes you feel bad.


Every relationship should have boundaries and when you have feelings and want to protect yourself, set up boundaries. Having boundaries can keep the conflict at a low point and when you are able to keep in touch with your feelings, you can say no when you need to.

Less Stress

One more thing you need to do is to make sure that you have less stress in your life. Remind yourself that things are hard sometimes but that you can make it through. You can make the right decisions in your life and you can learn to embrace love.

If you want to stop feeling confused about relationships, practice these things and love can be easier for you.

Stop doing things that ruin your chances of finding love and learn to embrace who you are and heal what needs to be healed.

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