Controlling Your Emotions

Controlling Your Emotions

Having strong emotions can cause yourself and others a lot of upset and pain. There are ways that you can calm your emotions and quiet your mind. Once you learn to do this, you will be thankful that you learned to be in control of your feelings.

Emotions will always be there and sometimes they are forceful in your life. We become excited, sad, hurt and sometimes we let our emotions control our thoughts and our actions. When we act too fast on our emotions, we sometimes make the wrong decisions and that can hurt us.

Our feeling can change from one extreme to the next and can make you go from happiness to rage in a moment. Or maybe you are feeling other emotions that are causing you not to be in control or logical. This can stop you from falling in love or from reacting to great news. There are negative emotions that can come, and you have to learn to handle them.

Negative emotions such as bitterness or anger can get out of control right away. It is times like this that we have to learn to stop letting feelings control us and our lives. Have you ever met anyone who always seems angry and wonder if they were born that way? These people allow their emotions to control them and it happens often in their life.

How can you avoid letting your feelings be in control of your life? Here are some ways to help you control these emotions in extreme situations:


Before you react when you are triggered in your emotions, think about it. Chances are you will say something that you wish you had not said. Take a deep breath and continue to deep breathe until your heart rate is normal and you are calm.


Ask your spirit guides to help you stay in control. Remember, they are here for you and will take care of you and help you to make better decisions. When you are in a situation where you feel like you are overly emotional, close your eyes and tell the universe your problems. Let your guides leave you.


Manage your emotions and learn to release them in a way that is healthy. You should never keep your emotions hidden so do something to express them in a healthy way. Call a friend or talk to someone that you trust. When you hear someone else’s opinion, it can help you to have inner peace. Do some kind of exercise that will let you take your anger and rage out.

Whatever kind of activity that you choose, use it so that you can express your emotions.

Bigger Picture

Each thing that happens has a reason and serves a purpose in your life. Learn to look at the situation deeper and see if your situation is causing a bigger thing in your life. Even if you are upset, know that you are going through something that will have a purpose later.

When you are upset, know that soon you will understand why these emotions came.


Learn to get rid of your negative thoughts because these cause a cycle of negative feelings and emotions. When you start thinking about something that upsets you or makes you feel bad, replace the thought. Imagine how you could change these feelings and think of something that makes you smile.

Forgive Yourself

Your emotions are not who you are, but you might feel angry at friends or family because of something they have done to you. Learn to forgive and detach these feelings from yourself and that person.

Forgiving someone can help you to detach and get rid of the feelings that lingered with you and that person. You can detach from jealousy or anger with someone and as you forgive them, you will see that your feelings that were attached to them are no longer there.


Remember that your feelings and emotions are always with you and you have to learn to restrain yourself and to filter your feelings through your mind.

Learn to calm your spirit and your mind and you will learn to master your emotions.

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