Make Him Fall in Love with You

Make Him Fall in Love with You

Men are mysterious and no one really knows how to explain them. What if you wrote your man a love letter, or sent him flowers for a special occasion?  No one is really sure what would happen with a guy but with women its, different. Women are open books.

If you want to have the guy that you like to fall for you head over hills, there are small things that you can do so that he will want to always know you and always be a part of your life. Here are some tips that will make him fall in love with you.


Your man wants to eat and drink, it might be one of his favorite things to do. Maybe he likes to come to your apartment and chances are he even lives with you. Take him back to his college days and throw him a cold one when he comes in the room. Later, after he is really drunk, let him masturbate your pretend penis. He will never talk about it again.


After sex, go and make your man a snack. Men love to eat right after snack and if you do this, he will think that you are amazing. Once he pulls out, run to the kitchen and bring him a snack of bacon or a side of chicken fingers.

Email Him

Take time to email him links of things he loves to watch on television. Don’t send him something from a website that doesn’t even have any meaning, send him good and exciting blog posts that he can read on his phone. You could even go on a date with someone who works at his favorite television show and get him in on the secret news.


Brag about him to your family and friends and even people in meetings that you attend. Tell them that he is a prince doctor and he write poetry. Even though this is a lie, grab strangers by their collar and scream “this man I am dating satisfies me sexually!!” His ego will inflate in seconds.


Answer the door when your man comes home and either have nice negligee or be naked. Even answer the door without any skin on because guys love skeletons. Why else would they love to have “boners?”


Be open in bed and be willing to try new things. If he ejaculates too fast, let him pout and be upset about it but always be open to what he wants to do in the bedroom. The man you love wants you and wants to make you into his toy.

Petty Work

Allow your guy to solve your work problems. Women talk a lot and men get things done. Let him tell you what to do and what not to do in your firm. Let him feel like he is negotiating for you.

Sport Stats

Know your sports. When you walk by and he is watching tv, shout out some amazing sport stat. So, when you are not buying him beer, making him snacks, learning his favorite television stars or trying to be cool, do something that is unforgettable to him.


It can be boring when someone is always giving their all to you so do things that will surprise him. Do a magic trick or tell a joke that you learned in second grade. Spit things at him and make him feel like a special bird.


Always treat his friends the way that you do your own friends. Laugh at what they say and smile and if you want to win him over, win over his friends. Once you have his heart, you can make sure it is locked in the back of your car. Make him snacks and if you get confused what to do next, just pretend you are a tea pot.

Quiet Time

When he is watching television, sit next to him while he watches something or while he plays Xbox. Do different poses to see if he catches on.


Light a candle and give him a back rub. Give him a massage and then finish with a secret handshake. Let him cry it out while you blow out the candles.


Transport him back to his elementary times by teasing him about how his favorite team lost or about what he is wearing. Tease him about his father who is distant to him or about him having a drinking problem. Tease him about how you are the only woman that will ever do small things to show that you care. Then, make him love you and hold him.

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