Boost Your Confidence

How to Boost Your Confidence Without Fear

You are allowed to be who you want to be, and you are allowed to have hopes and cares in your life. You should be able to take up the space that you want. You should have confidence to be who you are.

If you have lived a hard life, going through breakups, changing jobs, moving away and then back home, and you feel that you have not ever done enough in your life, you might feel that you take up space that is not for you. You might not feel that you are enough and that you do not deserve to be heard.

You have to learn to be present and you have to be able to let your heart shine and to be who you want to be. You deserve to have space just like anyone else does and you deserve to be heard and to have your needs taken care of.

You will see that when you speak, you should not have to apologize for expressing yourself. You should not hide your emotions because you are sad or because you need to get over them.

Take a moment to let yourself know that you are enough and that you deserve to be able to say what your heart wants to say and to state your own opinions. What you have to say matters.

If you have no confidence, chances are that you don’t feel that you deserve to speak or to have space, this needs to change.

Why You Are Scared and How to Change

You might be someone that has no confidence and is afraid to speak. You might apologize when you have an opinion or when you interact in conversation.

It has been shown in research that when you say that you are sorry to someone, that people will think less of you. They will see that you have no confidence. Saying sorry is something that makes you look like you don’t have a right to speak.

Saying, “I was just wondering,” means that you are minimizing your talking and that you don’t feel that what you have to say is important.

Saying No

When you say no to someone, this is not being unkind, but this is not giving away your life and your time when you don’t want to. You should protect your time because it is valuable to you.

Saying no is something that is unnatural, and most people feel nervous when they have to tell someone no. They might feel that this can create conflict and they might feel that they have to say yes to show that they care for others. Learn to be able to say no when you want to without have to apologize for this.

You don’t even have to give details as to why you say no to someone and you don’t have to analyze what they are feeling. You have just as much right to say no as you do to say yes.

Thoughts and Conversation

The things that you are thinking about can make a great conversation. Learn to see how valuable your thoughts are and talk about them. If you are in a work meeting or you are hanging out with your friends, tell them what you are thinking and don’t hold back.

The things that you say can benefit others and you can see that you will have great outcomes.


Being vulnerable with others is hard, especially if you care too much about what someone thinks about you.

When you are vulnerable, you will feel uncomfortable, and you will see that you have to have confidence in order to be stronger.

When you have connections with people and you are vulnerable, they see you for who you are, and they can relate to you. Having a conversation that shows your vulnerability will help other people to be able to bond with you and share their experiences too.

Connecting with someone allows people to look at you and interact with you in a different way.

Sharing Dreams and Goals

Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes. When you have a goal and a dream and you feel that you want to share it, sharing your success might also mean that you need to share your failures.

When people see that you have failed, they realize that they can fail too and that they can pick up the pieces, accept their mistakes and move on to what they were meant to do.

Asking for Help

It is hard sometimes to ask others to help you. If you are like other people, chances are you have learned to do things on your own and to be independent. When you ask someone for help, it gives you a chance to build a relationship with that person and to show off confidence.

Most people like to help others and when you acknowledge that you need help, you will see that you can make new friends and that you can show your strength. Needing help is not weakness but being afraid to ask is.

What You Have to Offer

There are many people that have many great things to offer. Actually, everyone has something to offer, they just don’t always realize it.

Once you realize that you have things that you can offer other people, you will build your confidence and realize that people love that you are able to help them and to show them your knowledge and your experiences.

By sharing of yourself, you can help other people to be more confident. Your needs and your thoughts do matter. You are allowed to say what you are thinking and to speak up and ask for help. Talking about your failures and your successes allows other people to see that they can be successful after failing, too. When you know that you deserve a place in this world and that you are enough, you will see that you can be happy with who you are and what you have to offer.

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