How to move on after a failed relationship

How to move on after a failed relationship

One of the hardest things to do is to move on once  a relationship fails. Even worse is coping with loss when the relationship is one-sided. Almost everyone has had a one sided relationship. This type of relationship can drain you of energy and disappoints you, but you can move on.

 The first thing:

Identify and acknowledge the problem. Be honest with yourself. Avoid the pitfall of convincing yourself that everything is ok.  Don’t pretend that you had the relationships you wanted. The time for lying is over.


Let yourself feel the loss. Even if it was one sided, you still had some care and concern about the other person.   It’s ok to feel sad and lonely, don’t let yourself fall down the road of self-doubt. Take the time to grieve the loss.


The pain and hurt is temporary.  It may feel like it will hurt forever, but it won’t. Remember that self-doubt will not do you any good.  The insecurity and fear are not you at your best, thus they do not represent you as the true person you are.

Take care of yourself

A good way to move on after a bad relationships is to start taking better care of yourself. Go for a walk. If that sounds boring, listen to an audio book. Take some time try out new things. Many yoga studios have trial passes so you can check them out. At the very least do one thing that makes you feel special at least once a week.

Be in the now

Your feelings aren’t going to change immediately and you won’t be able to jump right into the next one. Focus on getting through one day at a time.  Tell yourself that you will get through today.

Don’t become hopeless

When things have come to an end, you may try to delude yourself into believing that you can fix things. And one you acknowledge that the other person will never change.  Don’t lose hope for your future.  It has been said, you can lose, but don’t lose the lesson. Put your energy into hope for the future. Remember that who you are is not defined by anyone else.It is hard to see your big picture in the moment, but realize that you have now made room in your world  for a better future and for a greater sense of happiness.   Once you have truly moved on, you will be happier and open to the love you truly deserve

What do you want

You have figured out what you don’t want and you know better than anyone else what defines a bad relationship.  Now you can define what you really want.  Look at your history. If you have found yourself in one sided relationships before, do some self examination and see why you keep going down this path.

Now thing of what you do want in a relationship. Define what is healthy and what kind of behaviors you want in a partner .
You deserve to be happy

As you recover from this relationships you will begin to see how you were disrespected. You may feel as if you deserved this treatment. Don’t fall down this path.  You deserve to be happy. Remember that.

Positivity counts

Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with family and friends and anyone else who has an interest in your happiness. Don’t waste any more of your time on toxic relationships. When you are ready to move on, you will do it from a happy and healthy place.

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