How Healthy Are On and Off Relationships?

How Healthy Are On and Off Relationships?

Make-ups and break-ups are the creators of pain, love, and passion.

We maybe contemplate about the classic trajectory when we think of the manner in which romantic relationships work. Two individuals meet., they decide to be in a relationship then as time goes by they either make a decision to stay together or break up. There’s definitely a reflection of that’s a straightforward path in many individuals encounters. However, the journey of love is frequently a more conflicted and confusing one. Therefore, we are prompted to ask the following question. How healthy are on and off relationships?

Approximately over 60% of individuals have experienced complicated relationships that define on and off relationships. Take a cyclical form where dissolutions and renewals are involved rather than having a clean on and off relationships. There’s a continuous occurrence of this cycle where couples’ break-up and make up again. Why is this so?

The break-up. The main reason why individuals in an on and off relationships frequently break up is due to personal traits of the partner or self-dissatisfaction which are mainly conflicts or even wanting to get into a relationship with someone else. These kind of breakups are usually different from those of permanent breakups. They lack clear and open communication which is largely associated with permanent break-ups.

The reunion. There are many reasons why couples may decide to renew their relationship after the on and off break-ups. It may be the beliefs that their ex may be one, mixed feelings, missing being in a relationship or just wanting a comfortable relationship. At times they might find it hard getting other partners out there, making them out to get back with their exes. Generally, individuals in on and off relationships are usually uncertain of the future of the relationship. They have doubts and are disappointed with the relationship making them feel frustrated with the situation.

How healthy therefore is this cycle? There are some pieces of evidence that suggests these on and off relationships are not healthy to both the relationship and well-being of the victims. The more they break up and makeup, the more the relationship declines, fewer satisfaction increases and commitment lessens. This, therefore, means that on and off relationship contributes largely to stress. Nevertheless, breakups are incredibly hard to overcome. They are associated with frustrations and decreased life satisfaction. Regardless of the joy that reunion brings, a repeated now brings with it a lot of stress.

As we try to comprehend whether on and off relationships are healthy, we should embrace the fact that they are not the same.

Should couples reunite after a breakup? In the end, couples might leave the possibility of a reunion. This gives them an opportunity to experience how living their separate lives can be. This can also show that indeed good relationship breakups can also be challenging. After a repeated breakup, couples might suggest putting on hold their relationship to evaluate whether another reunion is worth it.

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