How to overpower envy

How to overpower envy

Not so many individuals will agree that jealousy and envy influence us positively.  We all know the importance of learning how to stop being jealous. And we all know the effects of jealousy and envy.

  1. They make us do things we wouldn’t normally do.
  2. They make us depressed.
  3. They make us feel distressed and discontented.
  4. They bind our freedom.

And still, emotions of jealousy and envy continue affecting our lives. It is a war that keeps battling our hearts and soul. We are always envious of other people’s relationships, appearance, talents, and even bank accounts. It doesn’t contribute anything positive to our lives. Yet it is still there.

It is time to have freedom. We all wish to live in freedom from jealousy and envy.

Below are ways you can stop being jealous:

  1. Focus only on the good things in your life

The fact that we take our blessings for granted is the reason why we envy life on another. Live your own life, you are loved and worthy of everything, be happy. You have uncountable reasons to be grateful for the life you have been given. Always keep that in mind.

  1. Know that nobody has everything. Do not compare yourself with others

Some people will always appear to be better than you. But be aware that we always just compare our bad sides with the best sides of others. Remember that nobody has it all. Everybody you meet is going through difficult situations just like you. These are the things that make us human. Nobody has everything. Nobody.

  1. Don’t be with individuals who always value wrong things

If you spend time with people who always want the latest fashions, you will start wanting new clothes. You will always need everything that they have just to fit in their circle. Nevertheless, there are many more important things that you need to look for. Avoid such kind of people and the relationship if necessary.

  1. Always be around grateful people

Look for grateful individuals who encounter contentment in their lives and spend some quality time with them. You can look for them online or in person. The more their spirit will become yours if you keep spending time with them and very soon others will admire what you have.

  1. Be happy when others succeed

Rejoice genuinely and practically when others succeed. When someone gets something that you admire, be happy for them. Life is not a competition so stop viewing it like that. That day you will learn to experience happiness in others, you will overpower envy.

  1. Be generous

Make this a habit in your life. Share with others anything that you have, be it money, time, talents and skills. Work voluntarily in your community. The more you spend time with those who have less than you, the more you will find fulfillment and meaning. And when you do that, the feeling of meddling in other people’s lives will fade away.

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