Ways to Calm Down

Ways to Calm Down

When you are overwhelmed and highly sensitive here are some ideas that can help you to calm down and take off the edge.  A person that is highly sensitive is easily bothered by too many people being around and there are some techniques that can help you to calm down.

Here are some tips:


When you are at work and get stressed or when you have to listen to negative things, you need to relax.  Rubbing your thumb and pressing it on the palm of the other hand can help to soothe you.

Palm Push

Being stressed is hard but if you hold the palms together for about 10 seconds then it will make your body calm down.  Try standing in a yoga position and look like a tree and it can calm you down.

Close Your Eyes

Sensory stimulation can cause you to want to shut down but your brain sometimes needs a break.  Some people stay in bed for a long time but most people do not want to be sleeping for long periods of time.  Shutting your eyes and calming down can help you to avoid stimulation.


Breathing in and out can help to relax you.  Try to count to five while you breathe in and then when you are ready to let your air out, do a strong sigh and it can help you to adjust your energy levels and help you to focus.

Monkey Stretch

You need to put your arms in front of you, straight out, and then bring the arms down.  Put them out at your side and then put them over your head, swoop them down and have your head between your knees.  After you hold that position for a while, it will take out stress.


Try to give yourself a hug and this can change the chemicals in your body and lower the risk of diseases such as heart disease.  This action can also help you not to be tired and can increase your immune system.  Squeeze yourself and let your body know that you are in your own space and this can help to stabilize you.

Wall Push

Push on the wall to integrate sensory experiences.  Put the weight of your body against the earth and it can stabilize your body and even your mind.


If you are used to doing yoga, you can do a Locust position but put your hands out in front of you instead of on your sides.  Lay down on your belly and put your arms in front of you and put your legs behind you.  Hold this for 10 seconds and if you are tired, this can help you.

Shake It

You can relieve your stress by shaking your body.  Some animals have learned to shake if they are scared or if they are trying to be more powerful.  Do this to help yourself be more powerful.


One of the best calming exercises is to:

  • Breathe in for 10 seconds and let it out for 10 seconds.
  • Imagine that you have a wand and you have a bubble that you are trying not to bust.
  • Put your palm on your heart and the other one on your stomach.
  • Breath in your nose and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • Breathe out through your mouth like you are blowing a bubble.

Lavender Essential Oil

Using lavender can help to stimulate your brain and can help to increase your blood flow and calm your hormones.  Doing this can help you to feel less stressed and can also physically take away pain, depression and anxiety.


When you work, sometimes you forget to drink water.  Make sure that you keep drinking water, especially if you feel overwhelmed.  This can help you to feel better and to calm you.


Music has been used since the beginning of times to help heal.  Therapists use music for healing powers and believes that it helps people that are depressed.


One last breathing exercise is to do this:

  • Breathe in for five seconds, slowly.
  • Hold your breath for five seconds.
  • Exhale through your lips, slowly.
  • Rest for five seconds.
  • Do it again.

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