Gaslighting means that you are possibly in an abusive relationship and that you are dealing with someone that will make you feel crazy and will discuss your character in a way that will validate them and make them look like the good guy.

Having thoughts and perceptions can become minimal when you are dealing with a narcissist and it can take you to a point where you are not able to fight back and to be sane but you get to the point where you want to detach from this person so that you can have a happier life.


Gaslighting can be experienced in any relationship and this is when someone makes you feel that you are going crazy. They can cause you to have flashbacks and stress and anxiety and to feel confused. This type of manipulation can cause you to be suicidal and self-sabotaging and it can come in different forms.

This can be in the form of questioning your mental abilities and using perception to undermine you. It can be someone that has no empathy or remorse for how they treat you and it can cause you to feel provoked. Someone can even do things and have clean hands and leave you as the victim.

People that deal with narcissists often find that they are gaslighted and they are in abusive relationships that cause them to feel bad about who they are.


When someone tells you that you are crazy, they just want to be able to hide behind their behavior without admitting their own manipulation. As long as you are the crazy one that needs help, the narcissist can continue to treat you how they want and behave how they want.

Those that are narcissist will smirk at their victims and will learn to control your emotions to make you seem that you have no credibility. They will make you feel that you are crazy or have a mental health problem. Some of the abusers will make you feel instable and will cause you to feel that you have a mental illness. This kind of abuse can lead to a mental health disorder, so you need to find a way out.


Another thing that a narcissist can do is to make you feel that you are just being jealous. They can make you feel that any question that you ask or if you question their behavior that it is your fault. They can make you feel that your confidence is causing you to try to cheat and turn things on you.

A narcissist will want to take anything that is desirable about you and turn it into something that makes you feel that you are cheating or that you are doing things wrong. They will use this to try to control you and they will make you a victim. They will control you and they will get the attention that is needed leaving you to feel that you are betraying them.

Overly Sensitive

The narcissist will make you feel that you are being sensitive and overreacting no matter what they do. When you react to their abuse, they will make you feel that you are reacting that way because you are overly sensitive.

If you show your sensitive side, they will make you feel that your emotions are not real and that you have no right to validate them. They will take your sensitivity and tell you that you are overreacting, and they will call you out each time.


A narcissist will always say that they are joking no matter what. They will blame you for having no sense of humor and they will treat you how they want and make you feel that it is your fault that you cannot laugh at them.

They will use a tactic where they act like they are teasing and playing with you, but they are really just doing things to belittle you or to assault you verbally. They have no humor in what they do even though they want to turn it around on you like they do.

This is part of an abusive relationship and it can cause you to feel that you always have to laugh, and it will not get better.

Let Things Go

Someone that has narcissistic tendencies will tell you that you need to let things go and that you have no right to bring things up. They will not face consequences for their behavior, and they will make everything out to be your fault.

This is abusive traits and even when they show you affection it is because they want to reinforce their control on you. They will tell you to let things go and to stop bringing up things that they have done to you rather good or bad.


A narcissist will make it out like you are the problem no matter how much you try to make things good. They will expect you to behave a certain way and they will make you work to be worthy. No matter what you do they will make you feel that they are entitled to your love while you are not deserving of it.

They will call you names, and they will do things to make you feel that you are always the one that is at fault. They will blame you for everything and they will cause you to feel that your life is terrible and that it is all your own fault.

Never Said That

Someone that wants to bring you down will make it out like they didn’t say what you are accusing them of, and they will say that you are imagining things. They will work hard to make it seem like you are not saying true things and that things you hear or see are part of your imagination.

Victims of this kind of abuse struggle to know what is really happening because their partner is always telling them that they are making things up. They will not be able to understand their real perceptions and even when they do, they will be told that they are lying or making false accusations. They will not be able to believe what they see or hear is real after being told it over and over again.


The truth is that when you are being gaslighted that you need to get out of the trap. You need to see the truth in yourself and stop doubting who you are or what you are feeling. Learn to understand the behavior of your abuser and learn that you are not crazy.

No matter what they tell you, do not let them put the blame on you and cause you to be confused. Learn to self-validate yourself and learn to trust yourself and know what you are feeling based on what is inside of you. Do not try to explain yourself and learn to get space.

Get away form your abuser and even take time to document what they say to you so that you can read it later. Do no try to save them and do not try to tell them how things are. Save all of your text messages and emails and letters and let these be with you in case they try to deny things or turn things around on you. Remember your abuser wants to make you feel that you are crazy.

Make sure that you take time to care about yourself and to do healing for your mind and body. Symptoms of abuse are different for everyone but if you find yourself in this situation, get a therapist to talk to and learn to get your life together. No matter what your narcissist says to you, realize that their behavior is twisted and that you know the truth, even if it is deep inside of you.

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