Putting Yourself Last

Putting Yourself Last

When we feel stressed and we are always taking care of other people, we need to stop and consider what we can do for ourselves.  This is hard for many people to come to terms with and we will struggle to think that we would want to be selfish like that, but the truth is, we have to stop ignoring our own needs and putting other people first, all the time.

Self-care is important and even though it is not held as high regards, it is important so that you can have a strong well-being.  There are different ideas that hold people back from caring for themselves, but this can be a healing stage that you need to take.


Just because you are taking care of yourself does not mean that you are selfish.  As a matter of fact, it means the exact opposite.  When you take care of yourself, you can give more of your time and energy to others.  When you don’t, it can bring on stress and anger and frustration.

Taking care of yourself is like putting your oxygen mask on when an airplane is having troubles.  Take care of you so you can take care of other people.


Sometimes you sacrifice your own self because you are busy taking care of everyone else.  People have to learn that there are lessons and they have to decide who is right for them.  Even if it is painful, you have to look at your own desires and see if your best interests are in mind.

This can help you to focus on you and stop trying to rescue everyone else that has a need.  When you rescue someone, you think it means that you care for them and you will deny yourself to make sure that you are taking care of them.

The truth is, being nice is caring for someone and you have to remember that even if you have a desire to help, someone that you are helping needs to change and take care of who they are.

Rescuing someone does not mean that you love them, it does not always mean that you care.  Sometimes you have to let people sit in their problems for a while so that they can see who they need to be.

You do not always have to rescue everyone.  Think of yourself.


Many relationships happen because we think that we need someone.  We worry about being alone and we feel that if we don’t give all of who we are that they will not love us.  Sometimes, we even get to the point where we would die for that person.  When you lose yourself in all of this, loving someone will become harder.

Instead of spending all of your hours thinking about what you can do for someone, think about who you are and what you need.  You will be able to be whole again and will not later be resentful for all that you give.

Love becomes confused with independence and when you love someone, you have to be independent of them sometimes and learn to take care of your own needs.

Treating You

Your actions show people how they should treat you.  The way that you treat yourself will show others what they should do for you.  You have to let people know that you are in need of certain things too and not let people take advantage of you.

Do you give people everything you have and volunteer all of your time and energy for them?  If you are saying yes, you have to stop doing this and you have to control your actions.  You cannot let yourself be a victim to someone taking advantage of you.

Someone to Take Care of You

Even though you are not being selfish or thinking of yourself, you might actually be thinking you will get something in return.  You give everything and are nice but then when someone doesn’t do something for you, do you find that you resent them or are angry?

Do you complain to people that someone doesn’t give you enough  do you find it hard to accept that after all of the love that you have given them and the care, that they are giving you nothing in return  This could happen because you really expect that they are going to take care of you later.

Your nature to love someone and to be taken advantage of is high when you let people always have all of your time and care.


When you do not know that you have self-wroth, it is easy to give all of your time and energy taking care of others.  Treating yourself worthy is one thing that needs to be done.

You have to learn to love who you are and have self-worth because each relationship will be built on who you think you are.


Self-care is important and each person has different things that he or she wants to see in their life.  Listen to your body and your inner voice as to what you need.  Listen and anticipate getting your needs met.

Here are some things you should do to take care of who you are:

• Live in the moment.
• Eat healthy.
• Go outside in nature.
• Exercise.
• Do something fun.
• Be creative.
• Be positive.
• Spend time with positive people.
• Set boundaries.
• Say no.
• Don’t react immediately.
• Stop being negative with yourself.
• Celebrate things you get done.
• Be thankful.
• Sing.
• Dance.
• Be in love with yourself.
• Focus on your needs.
• Spend time alone.
• Listen to what your body tells you.
• Listen to your inner voice.
• Be real.
• Don’t over-analyze things.
• Spend less time on social media.
• Don’t worry about what people think of you.
• Be patient.
• Be self-developing.

Never let other people decide what you are worth.  Learn to find your worth and to know who you are.  Take time for you and then you will be healthier to take care of other people.

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