e May Think You’re Desperate!

If You Do Any of These 10 Things, He May Think You’re Desperate!

You may not feel as though you’re frantic to launch a romantic relationship, but your actions may be telling a different story.

Here are 10 signs that your romantic interest may feel like you’re desperate to forge a love connection:

  1. You send him a follow-up text if he doesn’t reply immediately.

You may not stoop to sending a duplicate text. But if you previously sent a text and never got a reply, you’ll send him a completely new text. You may think this a unique and clever way to follow up without appearing to assume the initial text didn’t go through. But if you do this too often, he’ll perceive it as you begging desperately, “Why won’t you talk to me?”

  1. When he asks what you’re doing this weekend, you always answer, “Nothing!”

You may do this hoping he’ll ask you to get together with him, but this commonly backfires. Answering “nothing” sends him the message that you’ve been waiting around for him to make a move. But queens don’t wait around for people to give her things to do. So, don’t give him that impression. It may not matter much what he thinks of you, but you’re worth more than that.

  1. You’re willing to drop everything for him.

If you act like he’s the center of your universe, he’ll get the notion that you value him more highly than you value yourself. It’s natural and normal to want to spend time with him, but don’t let him think that he can snap his fingers and you’ll immediately come running to him. You should value yourself more highly than that. Your life flourished before he was in it, so don’t neglect yourself for him now.

  1. You click “like” on every one of his new social media posts.

Liking all of his posts on social media will make it seem as though you’re watching his every move. But even worse than liking every new post would be to go back through his online history and like every post he’s ever made since he first created his account 10 years ago. That crosses the line into stalker territory.

  1. You retweet all of his tweets.

It’s fine to retweet his funniest, best, and most entertaining tweets. But as with other social media posts, retweeting everything he tweets out crosses the line and appears as though you’re stalking him.

  1. You’re the one who’s always initiating contact.

You shouldn’t feel like you must wait for him to contact you every time. But you also shouldn’t be the one jumping to initiate contact with him every time. This makes it look like you’re desperate to talk to him, and also doesn’t give him time to miss you.

  1. You constantly try to contact him.

Like number 6 above, it’s also not a good thing if you’re trying to connect with him too frequently. This includes texting him multiple times a day, especially if you know he’s busy. Think if about how you would feel if he did that to you. It isn’t pleasant.

  1. You’re always confirming plans.

It’s definitely good to know the status of your plans with him because you don’t want to waste your time. But if you’re always the one who’s confirming, re-confirming, and checking date plans again, you’ll seem clingy.

  1. You share too much personal information.

When you jump at the chance to spill the tea on every detail about you, you’re not only oversharing. You’re pretty much saying, “Here I am, conveniently served up on a platter for you!” It’s far more fun, exciting and enticing to take the time to really get to know somebody and learning what they’re all about. Besides, it isn’t worth your time to give away everything about yourself to every person who comes along.

  1. You always try to book another date with him at the end of the current one.

It’s great when you’ve had such an amazing date with him that you tell him you’d love to see him again before you’ve even left the restaurant. But if you’re always the one booking him in for dinner or coffee instead of letting him come to you, that can make you seem a tad too eager. Even worse, you don’t get to see if he really likes you enough to ask you out on another date, or if he’s just going along with your ideas.

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