When You Feel Empty

When You Feel Empty

After a long day, you sit down to relax, and you feel silence come around you and it isn’t a good silence.  You begin to feel upset and the feeling old feeling of being alone starts to settle in.  The feelings that you had before that left you feeling sick and defeated are starring you right in the face.  You feel that you are aching inside, and the feeling gets stronger.

You want to run from it and you want to no longer feel so empty, it feels to much to deal with.  You get your phone and a smoke and maybe even a drink and you figure out a way to escape this feeling of loneliness that has appeared once again.


When someone feels empty, it is a feeling of aloneness.  It is a feeling that is emotional and has no happiness or goodness behind it.  When a person goes through feelings of emptiness, they sometimes resort to addict behaviors in order to get rid of their dark depression.


When you begin to feel empty or these emotions come on you, chances are emptiness is rearing its ugly head again:

  • Feel all alone.
  • Have no meaning in your life.
  • Feel that you are empty.
  • Are unhappy.
  • Feel that you aren’t good enough.
  • Become addictive or shows signs of addictive behavior.
  • Lack of emotion.
  • Unable to stop working or slow down.
  • Always bored.

You may not feel all of these signs, but if you feel at least half of them, chances are you struggle with emptiness in your life.


Emptiness can be painful both to the body and the soul.  Emptiness can be a struggle and it can lead to depression which is a symptom of emptiness.

When you hear people talk about emptiness, often times, they relate it to a mental illness.  These labels make it hard for people to understand what someone is going through and even though emptiness does result from a neurological chemical imbalance, most of the time it is deeper than that.

Emptiness comes from private issues that people have and there is no real true cause of it.  When you look what is causing your own emptiness, you may find that you have deeper emotional and psychological issues than you realized.  Some people will try to come up with a reason for their emptiness, but these are false reasons for this feeling:

  • I don’t have a lover.
  • I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • I never have enough money.
  • I’m unsuccessful.
  • I am unloved.
  • I have no friends.
  • I don’t get enough sex.
  • My job is terrible.

When you look deeper into your life, these are things that everyone experiences but not everyone experiences emptiness. There has to be a root cause to why you are feeling empty.

Soul Loss

When you have soul loss, it means that you are disconnected from your own soul and this can happen when you have some type of physical abuse or a background of childhood trauma.  This can manifest as soul loss which is where you lose your happiness.

When soul loss happens, it can cause you to become obsessed in life and to feel fragile and empty.  This can have symptoms of depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, pain, illness, grief and mental illness.


When you feel that you have no purpose, chances are that you are soul lost.  This means that you have a hard time finding the purpose of your life and being fulfilled in what you do.

Everyone is conditioned to act a certain way so that they can fit in and be a part of society.  Sometimes, we believe that we are to go to school, get a good job, get married, etc., but what happens is we end up getting married, getting stuck with a bunch of bills and having a hard time fitting in.

Most of us have not been told that we need to examine our heart and instead, we listen to all of the advice that everyone around us gives and we are distracted from taking care of our own needs.  We decide to do what is comfortable instead of looking inside and finding what our true meaning and purpose is.

When people have a loss of a job or a death of a family member, they will have pain and grief, but this does not compare to being empty.  The emptiness that someone has does not allow them to have a purpose and tells them that they are alone, and that life is not good for them.

If emptiness has creeped up in your life and is a problem for you, you have to become conscious of what brings these feelings on.   You have to reach a point where you are tired of being empty and you need to step up and find purpose in your life.


What happens if you feel that you are meeting your purpose, but you still feel this emptiness?  If emptiness comes on you even when you feel that you are on the right path, chances are you have buried emotions and feelings that you are suppressing.

Suppressing is when you shut your emotions away and you know that you do this and repression is when you don’t realize that you are doing it, but you are shutting your feelings away without being aware of it.

If you grew up in a life where you were punished for things that you did and the demands on your life were strong, you might struggle with emotional issues.

When you suppress and regress things, the problems are that as time goes on, the problems begin to make you blind to them and your emotions begin to build.  When your emotions are built up, it will cause you to want ot disconnect to life and will make you feel even more empty than you already felt.

When you stop knowing that you have emotions and you stop feeling them, you will become numb to life.  Where you once had fun and joy, now will be a feeling of being mildly enjoyable and where you had anger you will now just feel a little annoyed.

When you shut out your negative emotions to keep them from creeping up, all that you are doing is putting your emotions at a standstill, they are not going away, they are just numbing you.

How to Deal

When you feel empty, you have to be able to experience your emotions rather they are good or bad.  Figure out why you feel empty and ask yourself why.  Look deep inside and know that there are different reasons that people feel empty and there has to be a solution.


You need to learn to connect with your soul and experience a place where you can get your soul and you connected again.  You need to take time each day to practice and commit to being closer to your spiritual being.

There are different ways that you can connect with your spiritual self, such as, journaling, meditating and more.

You need to try different things until you figure out what makes you feel better and what lifts your spirit.  If you need help, you can go to a psychic to help you reach your spirit world.  Find someone who can guide you and help you to get out of your slump.


Find something that makes you feel fulfilled.  This will mean that you have to ignore what you are told you need to do and you need to figure out what you want to do.  No one can set your soul on the right path but you.  You have to take steps in order to reach your inside self and to set goals for yourself.  Set goals to find happiness and fulfillment in your life.

You own your own destiny and you will feel better when you are true to what you want out of life.


Allow yourself to feel your emotions.  Embrace that you have feelings and let them come out.  If you are mad, scream and shout and if you are sad, cry.  Stop turning to things to mask your emotions.

One way you can let your emotions out is through catharsis.  This is when you find a safe place to and you scream, dance, cry, shout, laugh and get all of your emotions out that you are feeling.

Another form of this therapy can include journaling and you can regulate your emotions by allowing them to come out.  Having emotions is a normal part of life and you have to realize that everyone has them.


You need people.  Even if you tell yourself that you don’t, this is not true.  You need to have social contact with people and you need to have people that you trust in your life.  Having these relationships can help you to be able to share what you are feeling and help you get on the right track, emotionally and physically.

One way to stop feeling empty is to find others that feel the same feelings as you and people that can relate to you.  Share your experiences.

If you don’t have anyone that you can do this with, find a group that you can join, look for support groups online or in your area.

If you don’t find a group, create one.  Find other people that need help to handle their loneliness and get together and talk with them.  This can help you to get rid of your feelings of emptiness and depression and set you on the right track.

Sense of Self

You have to love yourself and increase the feelings of your ego.  You need to feel whole and you need to be able to know that you are important.

When you want to have a stronger sense of self, you have to develop that and work towards it.  Here are some ways to get on track with this:

  • Write down what you are attracted to.
  • Find meaning in what you are looking to do.
  • Read books and pursue what you want out of life.
  • Journal about what you want to do and what you want to be.

When you are not strong in yourself, you will have a hard time making it in life.  You might feel this because of how you were raised, but you have to learn to get over that and let your inner child out and identify with what you were feeling.

When you can battle the inner emptiness that haunts you, you will see that you have a purpose and you will be able to motivate yourself to be a better you.  You have to start slow and work your way up.  Keep experimenting and finding what works best for you, but most of all, know that you are not alone.

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