How to Stop Feeling Lonely

How to Stop Feeling Lonely

Even when you are surrounded by a large group of people and you are talking and smiling, sometimes, you feel connected, but sometimes even during these times, you feel completely alone.

When you feel that you are alone and no one can see you, you might feel different and like you are a stranger to the world.  You might have thoughts of despair and emptiness.

Many people feel this type of loneliness and have experienced hardships in their life with coping.

Being Alone

Being alone isn’t always a bad thing.  This might be hard to understand but being alone can allow you to take time to figure out who you really are and what you really want in life.  When you are alone, it can be a time where you search your soul and try to figure out the world.

When you are alone, you can encourage yourself and rejuvenate yourself.  This can allow you to have inner insight and to search what is going on in your soul.

Being alone can help you to figure out what and who you are and what life is all about.


Being alone and being lonely are two different things.  When you become lonely, it means you are not able to connect with people in the world.

When you are alone, it can turn to loneliness when you have mental illnesses or if you are having an internal crisis.  Sometimes even a spiritual awakening can make you feel lonely.

When you are going through some type of crisis, you need to understand that you might feel alone.  You might feel that the world around you is full of lies and you will feel that the world is insane.  You may have no interest in being around other people and want to be isolated.

Going Crazy

Even though you might begin to wonder about yourself, you are not the only person in the world that feels this way.  Many people feel isolated and alone and even if you feel that you are losing your mind, you aren’t.

What you are going through is normal and you are experiencing a change in your life.  You aren’t alone and there are other people that have experienced what you are experiencing.


There are advantages of feeling this way.  This is a time where you can help other people that have lost touch with themselves and people around them.  Sometimes, they feel disconnected and don’t understand how their loneliness has gotten so out of control.

Even if they have despair, these feelings can help them to be stronger and to become brave.  Tapping into your soul and the forces of the universe can help you to survive when things seem dark and out of control.

Is This Normal?

When you feel like you are alone, this is normal.  Many people struggle with this.

  • Studies show that at least half of Americans experience feelings of loneliness.
  • Loneliness happens more in younger people than older people.
  • In Australia, 1 in 4 people feel lonely.
  • In UK, 9 million people struggle with loneliness.

All of these people, and more people around the world feel lonely.  You are not alone in how you feel.  Even though feeling alone is tough, remember that there are millions of people just like you and this is very common.

Signs of Feeling Like You Are Alone

Loneliness can happen when you are actually alone, but it can also come when you are surrounded by many people.  This is just a feeling of frustration and a feeling of void.  When we try to distract our feelings, we learn to escape them and hide them from others.

Loneliness and being lonesome are two different things.  Most people experience being lonesome when they are home alone or spending the night without friends.

Loneliness is when you feel this all the time and it doesn’t just go away.  If feels like it is always there, surrounding you.

Loneliness Signs

These are some signs that you are feelings alone:

  • You are in a crowd but still feel alone.
  • You want to be around people.
  • You are disappointed when things don’t work out.
  • You want to be connected to people.
  • You shop a lot to feel less lonely.
  • You have a hard time relating to people.
  • You feel sad.
  • You are depressed.
  • You feel that you have a hole in your heart.

If you experience these signs, chances are you are experiencing loneliness.  This is a real feeling.

Why Do I Feel This Way?

There are many reasons why people feel lonely.  Some of these reasons include:

  • Losing a loved one.
  • Changing homes.
  • Changing jobs.
  • Having no friends.
  • Being disabled.
  • Being a caregiver.
  • Going through a divorce.
  • Having a mental illness.
  • Being discriminated against.

Severe Loneliness

If you feel that you are severely lonely such as feel withdrawn or helpless, you need to talk to a therapist.  A therapist can be there to help you talk about your feelings and help you work through them.  This is a great place to start and having a therapist or a counselor can help you to get rid of your burden of sadness and loneliness.  Remember, you are normal, and this is not anything that is out of the ordinary for people.

Spiritual Aspect

Sometimes when we feel lonely, we need to look inside and figure out our connection with the universe or the Earth.  We need to realize that there is a spiritual being inside of us and if we do soul searching, we might find why we are lonely.

As spiritual beings, we have connections and our connections are with some type of divine power.  We have to look deeper in ourselves.


When we are disconnected form ourselves, our soul feels alone.  This is a spiritual disconnection and it can cause us to feel lonely.

When our soul is lost, this happens because we look at material things and we take our spiritual walk for granted.  We hide what we are really searching for and we don’t reach inside.

If you are feeling alone, you might be going through a crisis or you might be experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul.  The Dark Night of the Soul is when our soul is lost, and we miss out on connecting with a higher power.

When we go through this, we cut ourselves off and we isolate ourselves from who and what we are.

Our ego

Our ego can cause us to be lonely.  When we are selfish and we are just wanting things to be about us, it can cause us to be alone and feel lonely.  When we feel too connected to things and life does not give us a moment, we decide that we need to be alone.  We take it too far and we forget that being too alone can bring loneliness.

Dealing with Loneliness

Even if you feel hopeless, you are not.  You have to learn to have meaningful connection and you can do this by looking deep in ourselves.

No matter how dark things get, we have a life inside of us that allows us to have energy.  Our inner energy guards us and helps us to move on in life.  It keeps us going.

Inner Wolf

Inside of us is our inner wolf.  This is a force inside of us that keeps us going.  This gives us power to move through loneliness and not to dwell in it.  It gives us strength and helps us to move on.

One way to connect with the universe is to look inside.  Draw what you feel on a piece of paper.  Let the brain connect with your creativity and draw what you are feeling.  This allows us to deal with our conscious mind.  This can help us to move from feeling lonely to feeling empowered.

Get some paper and pencils or even some crayons.  Take time to draw what your inner wolf looks like.  Name your inner wolf and write down how old he or she is.  Draw whatever you want to draw and don’t think about it.

When you finish, notice your drawing and see how it made you feel.  Hang your drawing up so you can look at it and see it each day.  This can help you to remember that you are strong and powerful.


Next, imagine that you are meeting your inner wolf.  Connect with him or her and get strength from your wolf.

Imagine what they look like and imagine what you want in your life.  What does your heart desire?

Imagine this and go into a dark room and turn on some music.  Lay down and take deep breaths and meditate on your inner wolf.

Imagine that you are walking down a hall and that you are going to enter a room.  You hear a howl and you know that it is your inner wolf and you are safe.  Suddenly, your wolf comes and looks right at you.  What do they look like?  Ask him or her some questions.  After you are done talking to your inner wolf, thank it for taking care of you.  Walk back down the hall and out the door.

Spend time writing in a journal about what you experienced and what you are feeling.  Remember that sometimes we are lonely because we are disconnected.  Try to figure out how to reconnect with your inner self.  Have hope and patience.


When you reconnect with your inner self, you will have an easier time taking action for your life.  If you feel alone and sad, remember that you have to do daily things and take care of yourself.  Go where people are and don’t hide.

Don’t let negative thoughts stunt you.  Replace negative thinking with positive thinking.  Tell yourself that you are strong, and you can do it.  Socialize back into society slowly and meet new people.

Look in a mirror and talk to yourself.  Tell yourself that you are wonderful and that you are great.  Repeat good things to yourself and look yourself in the eyes.

It is normal to have strong emotions when you talk to yourself in the mirror. This is okay.  You will not judge yourself negatively.  Stand in front of the mirror and do this everyday until you feel strong.

Talk about yourself and what you are interested in.  Figure out your passions and what interests you in life.  Explore your inner self and find out what you want out of life.  Help others and be kind to the world.

Volunteer your time at a local shelter or in the community.  You can never give too much of yourself.  Sometimes, when you give of yourself, you will find your worth.

When you find yourself becoming lonely, get a pet.  A pet is something that you can nurture and take care of.  Go to an animal shelter and find a pet that is needy.  Love them and hug them.

Pick up a new skill and find a new hobby.  Find something that makes you happy like a yoga class.

If you find that you are really lonely, you can always go to a support group in your community.  Have someone talk to you and allow you to heal.  If you are nervous at first, just listen and pay attention. Eventually you will get brave.

Be compassionate with yourself.  Care about yourself and listen to what your mind and heart are saying to you.  Always take care of yourself and take time for you.  Drink tea, sleep ion and be understanding of your own feelings.

Never forget your spiritual self.  Reconnect with your soul and who you are.  Learn to grow spiritually and the feelings of loneliness can go away.  Connect with your soul each day by prayer or by meditation.

Write down what you are feeling and how you are feeling alone.  Write down what makes you feel less alone and what makes you happy.  Express your feelings honestly.

Color and express your inner child.  If you have had trauma as a child, seek a therapist to help you through those things.

One of the best ways to help with your loneliness is that you know and understand that you are not alone. There are millions of people in the world that are lonely too.  Being alone can help you to realign your soul and your heart.  Don’t take this as a bad thing but as a good thing.

Remember, life is always waiting to open a new path for you.  Allow new experiences to guide you through life and to help you heal.

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